The Sudanese link: from Seleka in Central Africa Republic to Boko Haram in Nigeria

Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Martin Plaut

FromBoko Haram to the Central African Republic: the Sudanese link

Yasir Arman

Martin Plaut

What is the unseen hand behind the rise of radical Islamic movements from Northern Nigeria to the Central African Republic? It is the government of Sudan. That is the allegation of Yasir Arman, secretary general and spokeman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, North (SPLM North), which is fighting the Sudanese government in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile.

Speaking in London, Mr Arman pointed to the African Islamic University in Khartoum as the key institution that has been training radical Islamists. “They have been radicalising people for years,” said Mr Arman. The University, established in 1977, was given University status by President Omar Al-Bashir in 1992. The word “Islamic” was dropped from its title, but not from its objectives.  Mr Arman says that President Al-Bashir…

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