Radio Queen Caroline Mutoko blasts rioting university students


Caroline wrote the following on facebook responding to a university student.

the saddest thing about people
who lie & lie wildly to get
attention is that they never
check their facts:
So – just to get rid of the
nonsense and not necessarily
to shame the poor soul who
wanted alittle limelight:
1. I don’t drive a mercedes
2. I didn’t witness any of the
drama – I barely left the office
that day.
3. I don’t hire – so at what
point is it my decision whether
or not someone gets hired at
Radio Africa?
Like I said – the problem with
liars is not knowing what they
are talking about.
Here are the facts however as I
laid them out on-air:
1. As sure as the sun will rise
tomorrow – Public university
fees will go up. The academic
staff costs have gone up, the
institution’s costs have…

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