Kidney Dialysis Machine Developed for Babies

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Kidney dialysisItalian scientists have designed a dialysis machine specifically to treat babies with kidney failure, which they say could improve treatment.

Dialysis machines for adults can cause complications when used in very young children, the Lancet study says.

The miniaturised machine has been tested on a newborn with multiple organ failure, whose kidney function was restored after 30 days.

UK experts warn dialysis is still very challenging, even with new equipment.

Prof Claudio Ronco, from the International Renal Research Institute at San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, designed and developed the new machine to treat babies and small infants weighing between 2kg and 10kg (4lb and 1st 8lb).

In his study, published in the Lancet, he said adult kidney dialysis machines were inaccurate and potentially unsafe when used in those babies.

Smaller scale

Prof Ronco said: “A major problem is the potential for errors in ultra-filtration volumes.

“Adult dialysis equipment has…

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