The purpose of using condoms is
twofold: to prevent pregnancy
and reduce the chances that a
sexually transmitted disease will
be given to a partner. Condoms
are sheaths (barrier protection)
that are worn on the male penis
during sexual intercourse and
can be made of latex, plastic or
natural skin. Condoms have
numerous benefits–they’re easily
accessible at any drugstore or
pharmacy, inexpensive and safe,
convenient and easy to use.
There are few negative side
effects of condoms.
With any type of birth control,
there’s always the risk of
unplanned pregnancy. Condoms
are extremely effective in
preventing conception. However,
Planned Parenthood states that
two of every 100 women whose
partners used condoms became
pregnant even when they were
used properly. Among those who
did not use condoms properly,
15 of every 100 women became
pregnant. Old condoms can
become more brittle and more
apt to break. Similarly, oil-based
products, such as…

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