Fresh Unanswered Questions on Kenya’s First Lady’s London Marathon Gimmick

Kenya Stockholm Blog

Jared Odero:  "Beyond Zero" missing on official London's Marathon map of Charity initiatives! Jared Odero:
“Beyond Zero” missing on official London’s Marathon map of Charity initiatives! That is the truth.

Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta made world history by being the first holder of the title to participate in the London Marathon 2014, and finished the race after 7 hours 4 minutes. Her purpose was to raise awareness and funds to improve maternal and child healthcare in Kenya through her ‘Beyond Zero Campaign’ initiative which was recently heavily criticized at the Kenya Stockholm Blog for wasting public resources. (See:

The London Marathon began in 1981 and has since taken place in the spring of each year. “As a fundraising event, there is no race in the world that comes close to the London Marathon. An iconic image of the event is the thousands of runners traipsing the streets to raise money for charity, many in fancy dress, hoping to stand out as…

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