READ: How Your Laptop and Phone Is Wrecking Your Sleep and Increasing Your Risk of Death

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Night browsing internet us This article is based on a research conduct by scientists in the United States which revealed that out of the millions of Americans who are still suffering from disordered sleep and insomnia, 95% are reported to be using communication technology devises such as cell phones, laptops and television at least a few nights a week within the hour before bed.

This according to the report is driving the significant level of sleep deprivation.

Read details of the findings below:

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” – Irish Proverb

The evidence for the health benefits of adequate, restful sleep is overwhelming. Decades of research has shown that sleeping between 7 and 9 hours per night can relieve stress, reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, improve memory and cognitive function, and may even help with weight loss. (1) As many…

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