Would We Trust A Secret Clone From Facebook?


Facebook could buy an anonymous sharing app like Secret, or build one, but would we use it? Facebook’s Snapchat clone Poke crashed and burned in part because people worried Facebook would spy on, save, or widely share their ephemeral messages. Facebook’s shaky track record on privacy could similarly scare us away from an anonymous sharing feature.

The problem for Facebook is that like ephemerality, anonymity is emerging as a whole wing of sharing that it currently doesn’t allow. Yes, we want to share things that live forever on our timeline. But we also want to share silly things that disappear, and controversial or emotional things we can’t tie to our names. Yet right now Facebook only supports permanent, identified sharing.

It seems reasonable that Facebook would want to change that. Zuckerberg himself told Businessweek that after insisting everyone use their real names for 10 years, that might have been…

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