FTC Says Facebook Will Need Permission From WhatsAppers To Use Their Data


Facebook will need the “affirmative consent” of WhatsApp users in order to use their data for advertising or anything. The ruling comes from Federal Trade Commission alongside its approval in US for Facebook to acquire WhatsApp. The $19 billion deal announced in February will still have to get past international regulators.

Facebook’s business model is based on mining biographical and interest data from users in order to target them with ads. Facebook users automatically opt into this practice when they sign up. But WhatsApp’s most recent privacy policy from July 7th 2012, states that:

  • “WhatsApp does not collect names, emails, addresses or other contact information from its users’ mobile address book or contact lists other than mobile phone numbers”
  • “We do not collect location data”
  • “The contents of messages that have been delivered by the WhatsApp Service are not copied,
  • kept or archived by WhatsApp.”
  • “We do not use your mobile phone number…

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