American Anthony “Amp” Elmore accuses Kenya’s Siaya Governor Rasanga of not respecting the Late Tom Mboya’s legacy

African Press International (API)

 The emails below has been sent to us by American Anthony “Amp” Elmore who accuses Governor Rasanga of Siaya and the other Governors who were with him in Memphis USA last year on a visit. The American says Kenyan officials have abused him enough and will now work with South African people instead of Kenyan: 

Read the email exchange between him and Kenyan Thomas Mwangi of Nairobi County. In his email the American accuses Governor Rasanga of dismissing the Late Tom Mboya’s legacy and Thomas Mwangi of having received money without delivering what he promised. He also accuses Nairobi County speaker. Here there is a smell of a deal gone wrong.


From: Anthony Elmore
Sent: 2. april 2014 23:27
To: ‘thomas mwangi’
Copy: ‘African Press International’
Subject: RE: South Africa has Embraced the Safari Initiative!!!

Dear Mwangi:

How are you my friend?  Thanks for getting back with me.  Just…

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