Introducing CrunchCoin


Technology never sleeps. You need to pivot, expand, re-pivot, focus, unfocus, refocus and unrefocuspivot. With that, we are proud to announce TechCrunch’s greatest endeavor since our CrunchPad. Yes. A digital currency that will change consumer lives more than Netscape and Windows 3.1.

Introducing CrunchCoin.

Every new currency needs some sort of “buy-in” to drive adoption. While we think that CrunchCoin will take off on its own, we’re proud to announce that for all upcoming TechCrunch meetups and events, we will only accept payment in CrunchCoin. So if you had an eye on a demo table, sponsorship or ticket, head here to get started with CrunchCoin.

To demonstrate how seriously we are taking our CrunchCoin efforts, TechCrunch employees have unanimously decided to accept their salary payments only in blocs of CrunchCoin.

Furthermore, to emulate the startups we cover, and in some cases respect, CrunchCoin salary payments to TechCrunch employees will vest over…

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