Microsoft Office, Now On iOS, Highlights A Powerful Lesson For Incumbents


Editor’s Note:  Semil Shah works on product for Swell, is a  TechCrunch  columnist, and an investor at Haystack. He blogs at Haywire, and you can follow him on Twitter at @semil.

Finally, Microsoft’s flagship Office suite (Excel, PPT, Word) is available on one of its key rival’s mobile operating systems: Apple’s iOS. Nearly seven years after Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, Microsoft has finally built native products for Apple’s iOS to extend its popular, high revenue-generating Office suite to another platform. It begs the question: Why so long? The easy, quick, and snarky answer is to suggest that Microsoft finally surrendered to the new mobile platform gods — but, that would be too easy. Perhaps, under new leadership, the powers that be at Microsoft conceded that, when it comes to mobile, the Windows platform and Surface lines, despite passionate attempts from within, wouldn’t hold a candle…

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