Facebook Joins Google In The Hunt For The Future


We now live in an era when Mark Zuckerberg speed-dials Obama, controls fleets of drones, brokers $19 billion acquisitions in a week, and buys whole virtual worlds. Facebook’s mission has changed. While once it was solely “to make the world more open and connected”, it’s expanded to also “give people the power to share.” And nothing is too crazy if it brings Facebook one step closer to that goal.

If you squint, the strategy looks a lot like the mantra of Facebook’s early days, “Move fast and break things,” but on a much more grandiose scale. Back in the 2000s, Facebook wasn’t afraid to launch sweeping new features like News Feed to the entire user base at once or overhaul privacy without warning, even if it had to apologize and back-track.



But as Facebook approached its IPO, something changed. All thoughts seemed to turn to monetization. The product itself…

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