Will Smith and Trey songz gay relationship exposed


Will Smith and Trey Songz in
Miami in August
By Truthquake.com Staff Will
Smith and Trey Songz are
allegedly gay lovers.
The “Fresh Prince” actor/rapper
and R&B singer have both been
the object of gay and bisexual
rumors for awhile.
Last year, it was reported that
Trey, who is allegedly versatile,
which means he is a bottom
and a top, dated R&B singer
Brandon Hines.
The National Enquirer wrote
recently: “Tongues are wagging
that Will is enjoying a
‘bromance’ with R&B artist Trey
Songz, who’s been the subject
of gay whispers himself.
“On Aug. 18, the Men in Black
star sat at a VIP table with Trey
during an event at The Setai’s
penthouse in Miami’s trendy
South Beach – and the two
reportedly hooked up again the
following evening to enjoy
dinner and the local nightlife.
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Exclusive: Announces She’s
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