Guinea bans the consumption of bats to curb the outbreak of the ebola virus


Guinea has banned the sale
and consumption of bats to
prevent the spread of the
deadly Ebola virus, its health
minister has said.
Bats appeared to be the “main
agents” for the Ebola outbreak
in the remote south, Rene
Lamah said.
Sixty-two people have now been
killed by the virus in Guinea, with
suspected cases reported in
neighbouring Liberia and Sierra
Ebola is spread by close contact
and kills between 25% and 90%
of victims.
There is no known cure or
Symptoms include internal and
external bleeding, diarrhoea and
‘Quarantine sites’
It is said to be the first time
Ebola has struck Guinea, with
recent outbreaks thousands of
miles away, in Uganda and the
Democratic Republic of Congo.
Mr Lamah announced the ban
on the sale and consumption of
bats during a tour of Forest
Region, the epicentre of the
epidemic, reports the BBC’s
Alhassan Sillah from…

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