Hoop Tracker Basketball Smartwatch Provides Automatic, Real-Time Shot Tracking


Playing basketball is fun, but I am bad at it. I might be less bad if I used the Hoop Tracker smartwatch, which is designed very specifically for basketball, unlike most wearables that aim at a more general audience. The new Kickstarter project promises instant analysis and tracking of your shots, including three-point, free throw and field goal percentage, as well as more standard stuff like time spent on court and calories burned.

The watch itself has 7 hours of battery life under continuous use, weights just 2.3 ounces and is designed to be worn on your off (non-shooting) hand. It works in tandem with a ‘Shot Detector,’ another piece of hardware that you mount to the rim of any basketball net that detects when a basket sinks with a simple hardware trigger, meaning you don’t have to manually record when a shot does and doesn’t sink. For misses…

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