Key and Peele Land Cover of Time Magazine, Write Opinion Piece About Comedy


Key and Peele

Comedy Central duo Key and Peele are on a roll.  After landing on the cover of New York Times Sunday Magazine last year, this week they are cover boys for national weekly news magazine Time.  It’s the Ideas Issue, and Key and Peele offer an opinion piece about comedy that may or may not make you laugh, but at the very least will make you think.  Check it out below:

Would you make fun of a burn victim? Well, we did. Sort of… We’re comics. In the most recent season of our TV show, in a sketch titled “Insult Comic,” a traditional stand-up comedian professes that he is “going to get everybody” in his set (the guy toward the front with big ears, the fat guy, the woman with comically large breasts). That’s the phrase, isn’t it, when a critic wants to praise a comedian for the fearless nature of…

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