Nigeria – hundreds of Boko Haram militants attack Maiduguri

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Nigeria Boko Haram: ‘Hundreds’ attack Maiduguri

Self-defence groups in Maiduguri (14/03/14) After the attack, self-defence groups went looking for suspected militants

Hundreds of militants have staged a multi-pronged attack on the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, witnesses say.

On entering the city, the attackers split into smaller groups – heading for the barracks, the university and an area where civil servants live.

The assault on the barracks was an attempt by the attackers to free colleagues held there, a military spokesman said.

Militants suspected to be from Boko Haram have killed 500 people this year.

‘Hiding behind mango tree’

Local residents say there was a heavy exchange of fire near Giwa barracks, as the military battled the insurgents.

A military source told the AFP news agency that dozens of suspected militants had been freed – a report which defence ministry spokesman Chris Olukolade neither confirmed nor denied.

Smoke in MaiduguriThick smoke was visible over the city after…

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