T-Mobile Plans To Bump Their Entire Network To 4G By 2015


I’ve gotta give it to T-Mobile: they’re really doing a good job at this whole “Lets stop being awful” thing they’ve been up to lately.

If you’ve been thinking about hoppin’ on board the T-Mo train but were worried their data speeds would suck in your area, good news: the company is pledging to have their entire network (or, at least, everywhere they offer even crappy 2G speeds, currently) up on 4G LTE by mid-2015.

As it currently stands, T-Mobile’s LTE is live on less than half of their network. They should pass the halfway mark sometime this year, though — and the upgrades should be completely done within 12-15 months.

What does this mean for you? Basically: if you’re on T-Mobile but live somewhere where your phone’s data connection hasn’t sped up much in the last decade, things are about to get a whole lot faster. And…

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