#BanBossy May Have Beyonce, But #BeBossy Has Nicki Minaj


Sheryl Sandberg has done it again: She’s managed to rattle people by her sheer choice of words, and the logical fallacy that one woman’s experience equals all women’s experiences.

I’ve spent some time looking at the #BanBossy campaign and am very impressed that Sandberg corralled Beyonce — whose song “Run the World (Girls)” happens to be my personal anthem — to perpetuate her rhetoric.

As always, I am grateful to Sandberg for opening up these discussions and giving women leverage to call out bad behavior, as well as making people challenge their assumptions starting with the very language they use.

But just as with the Lean In movement, there are slight adjustments to be made. Instead of further creating negative connotations for the word bossy, the boss lady of culture appropriation herself, cultural theorist bell hooks, argues that we should embrace the word. She has set up the #BeBossy campaign to encourage…

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