Here’s How to Cure Cancer

The Savvy Sister

I didn’t need an excuse to travel to 78 degree-and-sunny West Palm Beach Florida, but the Annie Appleseed Project Convention was an excellent one!  I logo copythink I would have attended even if it were held in 5-below-snow-and-ice Chicago.

ann-fonfa-3For those of you who don’t know her, Ann Fonfa, creator of The Annie Appleseed Project, is a powerhouse cancer survivor who was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 and was determined to find better, non-debilitating treatments for her cancer.  In her search, she found a boatload of information and others and connected with others who were having great success with non-conventional treatments and therapies.  She set up the Annie Appleseed Project in 1999 and since then millions of people have accessed this site for loads of information that you won’t find at your oncologists office.  Ann is truly a gift to the cancer community.  You can click here for a great interview.

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