Travel Tech Investors Are Ready For Takeoff


(Editor’s Note: Christine Magee is an analyst for CrunchBase.)

Despite the popularity of travel booking sites like KayakTripAdvisor, and Expedia, venture capital firms are still investing in companies selling consumers a better way to travel. 

In the past few years, investors have poured millions into travel and accommodation companies around the globe like Airbnb and Room 77, Wimdu (Berlin), Tuniu and (Beijing and Suzhou, China), Ostrovok (Moscow), HouseTrip (London), and most recently Hotel Urbano (Rio de Janeiro). The travel tech industry has become increasingly geared toward convenience and accessibility. Travelers want the ability to book lodging, transportation, and experiences- simply and immediately- all from their mobile devices.

“Mobile is changing the landscape a lot. More broadly consumers are wanting and expecting to be able to use their mobile phones as a remote control for their life… and travel is part of that,” said 

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