These Selfie Apps Refuse To Die


Anyone can create a self-portrait. Hell, we’ve been painting them since the Stone Age. But it’s the way you share them that can be special. Are selfies narcissistic? Sure. Can they be annoying? Yes, if done with too much arrogance, vanity, or frequency. But they’re not pointless. Selfies fill a void in face-to-face communication and context left by our shift from in-person conversation to online messaging via text.

It’s why a new reel of selfie apps have emerged. Despite cultural backlash against the selfie, the Justin Bieber-funded anti-bullying photo app Shots and stacked diptych creator Frontback are gaining traction. Both have a tough uphill road ahead, but Shots has crossed a half million registered users since launching in November, while Frontback has hit 800,000 downloads since August.

The desire the subtle emotions of the face is also why Snapchat has become such a popular messaging tool. You get to see someone’s expression along…

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