Mozilla’s New JPEG Encoder Promises Up To 10% Reduction In File Size


Mozilla is launchingmozjpeg today, a new JPEG encoder that promises to reduce file sizes by up to 10 percent on standard JPEG images. Mozilla says the idea behind the project is to create a production-ready encoder “that improves compression while maintaining compatibility with the vast majority of deployed decoders.”

Despite multiple efforts from Google, Microsoft and others, JPEG remains the de facto standard for lossy compression. Even though formats like JPEG XR (or HD Photo, as Microsoft called it), JPEG 2000 and Google’s WebP have significant advantages over the base JPEG format, they never got the wide-reaching support necessary to replace JPEG. Besides PNG for lossless images, JPEG still remains the standard for images on the web, which now account for the majority of network traffic whenever you load a webpage.

As Josh Aas, a senior technology strategist at Mozilla, notes today, the compression efficiency of JPEG encoders…

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