A Look At The iBeacon Store Of The Future With Retail Startup Thirdshelf


At this year’s Dx3 digital business expo, Montreal-based Thirdshelf had a fully functional demonstration retail store with iBeacon proximity based shopper customization in place. The demo store makes real a lot of what you may have heard about the potential of this tech, using Thirdshelf’s whitelabel in-store app and Estimote’s Bluetooth LE-powered hardware beacons.

Thirdshelf’s SaaS solution is working with LXR&Co, a high-end boutique retailer, as well as Lightspeed, a POS software provider also based out of Montreal, and Ottawa-based Shopify for the ecommerce piece. The store features Estimote hardware peppered throughout a mock store layout, which communicates with a user’s own device when they approach to customize iPad-based customer facing software displays, and provide information about in-store shoppers in real-time to a customer service dashboard.

“When a customer walks up, they can choose to browse in personalized mode, in which your wish list and recommendations follow you around,”…

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