Twitter’s Root Injustice


[tc_dropcap]For the past three years this post has been stuck in the drafts folder of my computer. I didn’t finish because I would go to edit it then convince myself, halfway through, that I was on the verge of a way to fix Twitter and my time was better spent coding.[/tc_dropcap]

I’ve stopped thinking that there is a solution for Twitter. There is, instead, a systemic problem that all digital platforms face but few have ever dared to tackle.

The most significant problem with Twitter is that it’s hard to get followers if you’re a new user.

This seems like a small problem at first, but it’s a core one that extends to every corner of the product. The problem is so big because it builds on itself.

Twitter operates as an unregulated market for social capital.

The reason joining Twitter was so exciting in 2007 is the same for…

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