#SXSpontaneity, RIP


“You’re going to SXSW? Sucker.”

Such was the sentiment of a long-time SXSW attendee who decided to sit out this year, echoed by many others in the tech world. With its ever-expanding programming, clusterfuckery of housing options and the commercialization of what was once considered a must-attend conference for anyone in the know, SXSW hasn’t just jumped the shark, it’s being openly maligned by veteran attendees. And those who are choosing to go, like me, are being looked upon with a sympathetic pity similar to a Southerner’s use of “Bless Your Heart” to mean “You’re as dumb as dirt.”

Bless my heart, indeed.

I’m going not to sit in on endless panels (though I did buy a badge, which apparently is becoming more and more rare, if my friends are any indication), but instead to give it one last attempt to salvage its value. I think there are still deals to be…

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