Samsung’s New Chromebook Apparently Getting The Leather Look Of Galaxy Devices


Samsung’s next Chromebook has broken cover, courtesy of pro device leaker @evleaks, and the Chrome OS-powered notebook has a familiar design trait that’s becoming a Samsung trademark: faux leather. Like the back of its new NotePRO and TabPRO Android tablets, the back of the lid of this new Chromebook appears to sport the leather look, which stitching round the edge (evleaks also uploaded a closer shot earlier on the contrast stitching detail).

This is also a style that Samsung has applied to its Note and Galaxy S5 smartphones, and appears to be gaining popularity with the Korean company. Depending on who you ask, that’s either a solid or a questionable decision – the look definitely has somewhat of a throwback vibe, and note necessarily to a better time. On the other hand, it could theoretically lend a luxe appeal to an otherwise fairly drab design, and at least…

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