AmEx Debuts Its Most Mobile-Integrated, Rewards-Focused Credit Card


AmEx has offered a number of different cards to consumers: The Blue Card appeals to those who like cash back options and the Platinum card is specialized for consumers who travel. There’s even a Black Card for high-net-worth individuals. Today, the company is debuting a brand-new rewards-focused credit card, called Everyday, aimed at consumers who use AmEx for most of their everyday purchases.

While the AmEx Everyday card is broadly focused on the frequent spender, and “multi-tasker,” the core audience is the busy mom. As AmEx US Consumer Services President (and former Skype CEO) Josh Silverman explains, the typical Everyday card user uses credit and or debit cards at least twice a day. AmEx says that moms spend 18 percent more on monthly expenses compared to the general population (which, as a mom, I believe).

The card itself doesn’t have a yearly fee, and it allows for a revolving balance…

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