How Lupita Nyong’o became an accidental Ugandan movie star

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Two Ugandan actors have told of their experience on the set of an underground local film that also featured new Hollywood starlet Lupita Nyong’o eight years ago.

Samuel Ibanda and John Wayne Muganza were part of the small cast for Roho, a 16-minute long film that was shot in Kampala back in 2006. A project of the annual Maisha Film Lab, the short movie was written and directed by a Kenyan filmmaker but featured a predominant Ugandan cast and crew.

Image POIGNANT: Cajetan Boy shared with us candid pictures of a humble-looking Nyong’o, seen here with Samuel Ibanda, on the set of Roho.

Ibanda plays Judah, a down on his luck slumdog whose radiant girlfriend Leila (Nyong’o) is the daughter of a merciless mobster (Michael Wawuyo). Muganza on the other hand is the mean hitman who executes his boss’ orders.

But like many other Maisha films, Roho never…

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What if we formed a Sacco using ‘members’ who have ‘liked’ the Facebook Page “Co-operative Movement in Kenya”…?

Co-operative Movement in Kenya

We are 693 of the Facebook Page Co-operative Movement in Kenya. What if we formed a Sacco? Is it even plausible? I know we are going to find it hard defining and selling our common bond as “Social media users who have liked the Facebook Page ‘Co-operative Movement in Kenya’ and engage in lawful businesses and professions in Kenya” to the Commissioner of Co-operatives. But wont it be something if it were possible? 693 is a good number as the Law only requires 10 people!!

PAGESo why am I saying it is difficult through questioning if it were possible? For any group of people who would like to start a Sacco society, will be required to notify the closest co-operative office and organize for a pre-co-operative education with all eligible/potential members. Now that is the problem. How and where are we all going to meet? Do we even have…

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Nadine Claire Kasinge: “Dictatorship is out of place in Rwanda”.

Rising Continent

Rwandans are lucky to have the dictatorial regime of Paul Kagame“, says Francois Munyabagisha, one of the radio participant panelists brought together and referred to in this post.

On Saturday February 22nd, 2014, while intervening in Kinyarwanda on Radio Itahuka, one of the many online broadcasters of the Rwandan opposition, Nadine Claire Kasinge explains that Rwandans don’t need a dictator to rule over their country. This statement was made following a panel discussion held between opponents and supporters of the Rwandan Patriotic Front regime.

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