Uber Wants To Take Over The French Market By Using ‘Dumping Tactics’


Urban transportation company Uber is fighting very hard to conquer France. It doesn’t hesitate to redistribute bonuses of up to $1,100 a week to its drivers — these bonuses are higher than Uber’s revenue from these drivers. In other words, Uber is willing to operate at a loss to lure drivers. Under-funded French startups can’t compete financially with Uber’s offering with similar bonuses, but relay on a more relationship-building approach.

“Uber is a steam roller that wants to flatten everything,” Chauffeur-Privé co-Founder and CEO Yan Hascoet told me in a phone interview. “People need to know how Uber does business, in particular when it comes to anti-competitive practices. We are looking into possible legal actions regarding their strategy.”

“Uber does not like competition,” he said. “We have close to 1,000 drivers in Paris, and have seen 10 percent weekly growth”

There are many urban transportation startups in France, such as…

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