Reddit To Give 10% Of Its 2014 Ad Revenue To Non-Profits Picked By Its Users


Do you block the ads on sites you love? Would you be less likely to do that if you knew a chunk of ad revenues were going to a good cause?

That’s (at least part of) the thinking behind a new idea that reddit — a site that’s so big at this point I honestly feel like explaining what it is on TechCrunch would be stupid — is playing with. At the end of 2014, they’ll be donating 10% of their yearly ad revenue to non-profit organizations picked by the community.

“But wait!” you say. “Is reddit even profitable yet?”

Nope — but they’re close. Close enough that they’re comfortable giving away 10% of the ad money they take in, even if that means it takes a bit longer before they’re breaking even. Says reddit CEO Yishan Wong in the comments of the announcement:

We’re getting closer to closing…

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