So you want him to be your boyfriend?


So you asked him to be your boyfriend or you told him that you liked him, and based on all the signs you expected he felt the same way that you did, but sadly he didn’t. Turns out he thought you were “just friends” and now he has more or less thrown you into the friend-zone; or even worse, stopped talking to you completely.  Now you don’t know what to do but bury yourself in ice cream (or whatever other comfort food you have going for you) ask yourself questions that have no answers like why would you lead me on? Or why would you flirt with me? Didn’t you see I was falling for you in the first place?

Photography by Gibel Photography

See, a guy is used to being in-charge. Whereas they make it look like life is pretty simple and happy-go-lucky like he doesn’t stress out, he…

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