How the US, UK, and the Un Received Uganda’s Anti-gay Rule

Campus Post

Following the enactment of Anti-Gay law in Uganda, various economies and bodies received it with mixed reactions.

While the laws seemed to have been positively received in Uganda and in many African States, as expected, there was discontent from the West and the UN.

In a press release from the State Department in Washington DC Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said President Obama’s government would ensure any engagement with Uganda would reflect the anti-discrimination policies supported by his government.

“Now that this law has been enacted, we are beginning an internal review of our relationship with the Government of Uganda to ensure that all dimensions of our engagement, including assistance programs, uphold our anti-discrimination policies and principles and reflect our values,” said Kerry

Mr. Kerry termed the law as controversial and called for its repeal, “This is a tragic day for Uganda and for all who care about…

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