MEMI, Because A Purse Is Where Phone Calls Go To Die


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A while ago, HTC came up with this silly phone called the Bliss, which had a little charm that hung out of a purse and notified women when they were getting a phone call or alert.

The idea — that purse-carrying females need something besides their phone, packed deeply in their black hole of a purse, to alert them to incoming notifications — wasn’t all that bad. The execution, however, was abysmal.

Which brings me to Memi.

Memi is a stylish bracelet created by Leslie Pearson that is meant to be worn by ladies with purse-bound phones. Through Bluetooth and an accompanying app, users can select certain people to “let through.” That way, when a child or boyfriend or boss calls, the Memi bracelet buzzes to alert the user of an incoming call or text message.

But it doesn’t buzz for every little thing, allowing users…

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