Pastor Geoffrey maingi of Redeemd gospel church found dead in a womans bedroom after wild sex


: A popular pastor
with a protestant church
collapsed and died in a woman’s
house in mysterious
circumstances in Buruburu
estate, Nairobi.
The body of pastor Geoffrey
Maingi of Redeemed Gospel
church’s New Life Temple Church
in Nairobi was found in the
woman’s bedroom after he had
died over unknown reasons on
Tuesday afternoon, police and
witnesses said.
Maingi, 70, had driven into the
compound of a worshiper for
what the woman termed as a
prayer session when he died.
The woman who is aged 40 told
police that Maingi had visited her
house for a prayer session when
he suddenly collapsed and died.
“He has been coming for prayers
in my house and apart from him
being my pastor, he is my friend
and that is why he comes for
prayer sessions,” the woman
said at the scene.
The woman had separated with
her husband last year over

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