Tidy Organizes Your Smartphone Photos Into Albums With Just A Swipe


A new application called Tidy wants to help you better organize the photos you have stored on your smartphone, by grouping them into albums by time, distance, or even by “shapes,” meaning type of photo – panoramas, squares, screenshots, portrait or landscape, for example.

The app doesn’t do the groupings automatically, but rather offers an interface that lets you drill down into your photo library, choosing the photos you want to separate out into their own albums using search filters. For example, you can tap on the “time” filter to pull out photos grouped by hours, 6 hours, days, weeks, months or by year. A “location” filter, meanwhile, lets you pull out photos that are 500 m, 1 km, 100 km, or 1000 km away from you. (Yes, metric units – Tidy is built by covworks of South Korea).

Eng_UntidyTidy uses photos’ metadata to make these groupings initially, but you…

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