New Bing Apps For Windows Phone Point To Increasing Platform Unity From Microsoft


This morning Microsoft announced updates to Bing apps for Windows Phone (News, Finance, Weather, Sports), and new Bing-based apps for the smartphone platform: Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, and Travel. Comparable apps were already available on Windows 8.1.

It’s a sensible move given that users of Windows 8.x likely expect their Windows experience to travel to their phone as well, given the platform’s advertised similarity to their normal computing environment.

Microsoft, however, has added a new wrinkle that should raise your eyebrow:

Along with fresh features, your personalized content from all 7 of the Bing apps will now roam across all your Windows devices. For example: any places you’ve added in the Bing Weather app will now roam and sync between your Windows PC or Tablet and your Windows Phone! Just set up once with your Microsoft Account, and you’re all set.

To use the common vernacular, ermergerd

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