Denmark bans Islamic halal slaughter of animals


A ban on kosher and halal
slaughter in
Denmark began Monday.
Announcing the ban last
week, Danish Agriculture and
Food Minister Dan
Jorgensen said, “Animal
rights come before religion”.
In order to be considered
kosher under Jewish law or
halal under Islamic law,
animals must be conscious
when killed. The new rule,
which follows similar
regulations in other
European countries, requires
animals be stunned before
Danish Halal, a non-profit
halal monitoring group,
launched a petition
condemning the ban. The
group calls it “a clear
interference in religious
freedom limiting the rights
of Muslims and Jews to
practice their religion in
Denmark” .
Fra mandag d.17. februar
træder en ny bekendtgør
kraft, som forbyder religiø
slagtninger i Danmark. Det
betyder, at fra og med d.1
februar vil man ikke læng
kunne slagte dyr uden
forudgående bedøvelse.
Israeli Deputy Minister of
Religious Services Rabbi Eli B
Dahan, apparently respondin

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