Pan-European Rail Travel Booking Service, Loco2, Gets Renfe On Board For Full Spanish Coverage


Pan-European train travel booking startup, Loco2, will add another chunk of coverage to its website tomorrow, when a partnership with Spanish state-owned rail carrier Renfe goes live — enabling users to book any Spanish rail tickets via the service and print them at home.

This also applies to advanced discount fares, known as Turista Promo, supporting potential ticket discounts of up to 70%.

Prior to the partnership, some Spanish rail journeys were already bookable via Loco2 but only as postal tickets and at higher prices.  “This makes an extra 1,605 stations fully bookable on Loco2, unlocking Europe’s largest high-speed rail network (1,400km),” says Loco2 co-founder Jamie Andrews.

Loco2 was started back in 2006, but the business of hammering out agreements with rail operators to get access to booking systems has been a work of years. The situation is gradually improving, helped by EC regulation aimed at opening up the market…

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