A Low-Key Launch Can Still Bring Long-Term Success. Y Combinator Is Living Proof


Trevor Blackwell reviewing YC's first applications in 2005 Blackwell reviewing applications for the first YC class in 2005 “Launch day” can be a pretty big deal in the world of tech. Some people define a successful launch day as getting written up by as many tech news sites as possible, hitting the top spot on the App Store out the gate, being upvoted on Reddit and Hacker News, and throwing the fanciest launch party that (investor) money can buy.

But it’s worth remembering that a splashy launch doesn’t always bring long-term success. In fact, some of tech’s strongest startups, apps and organizations started out pretty quietly. Take Y Combinator. YC Demo Day is now one of the buzziest events in Silicon Valley — but in a really fascinating onstage interview with Derek Andersen at the Startup Grind 2014 conference earlier this month, YC co-founder Jessica Livingston discussed the more humble early days of the seed accelerator…

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