Why Should Western Imperialism Want Uhuru Locked at the ICC?

Kenya Stockholm Blog

okoth osewe Okoth Osewe: Kamwana may not be out of the woods yet!

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of celebration in the Jubilee camp following the perceived collapse of Uhuru Kenyatta’s ICC case. In the Kenyan media, Jubilee minions have flooded every pro-Jubilee news channel with both twisted facts and unrelenting propaganda to the effect that eventually, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta “has been found innocent” because the withdrawal of witnesses has rendered the Kenyatta case untenable.

In the midst of the celebrations, certain key questions have evaded requisite publicity or mention in the commentaries. In fact, the hoopla has somehow seen the pro-ICC enthusiasts almost subdued by the “Uhuru has no case to answer” fanatics crawling online. It is in this context that the key questions alluded to could help widen the current and narrow perspective being aggressively peddled by Jubilee supporters.

To begin with, Jubilee supporters have…

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