If it were a genocide against the Tutsi ONLY by the Hutu, how come that there were more Hutu…

Rising Continent

Who killed those Hutu and “others” to the extent that the Hutu make the majority of the people killed?

After a lot of lobbying and unimaginable resistance by many UN Security Council members, Rwanda has sneaked the term “Tutsi” into the UN definition of what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Until recently, the UNSC had called the massacres in Rwanda “the 1994 Rwandan Genocide”. The official long name is different now. It is called “the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi during which Hutu and others who opposed the genocide (government) were killed”. I find this “new” name more confusing than the previous one. The “new” definition potentially removes the 1994 massacres from the legal definition of genocide. The UNSC has introduced two important factors to account for the 1994 massacres in Rwanda “ethnic clashes” and “political crisis.”

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