Kenyan police clash with Muslim youths in Mombasa

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Kenyan police clash with Muslim youths in port city – witness

MOMBASA, Kenya          Sun Feb 2, 2014 (Reuters) – Muslim youths fought street battles on Sunday with Kenyan police outside a mosque where radical clerics regularly preach in the port city of Mombasa.

The police fired teargas and live rounds over the heads of taunting crowds, who hurled stones back. It was not immediately clear why the clashes had broken out.

Many Muslims in Mombasa’s poorer neighbourhoods feel marginalised by the predominantly Christian Nairobi government, while a forceful crackdown on Islamist militant recruitment networks in the tourist hub is fuelling resentment.

One policeman was found sprawled in a pool of blood in a bathroom inside the Masjid Mussa mosque, located in the city’s run-down Majengo neighbourhood.

“We found him locked up in a bathroom after we heard him groaning. It appears like they slaughtered him,” said one armed…

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