Concerns on CCK plans to commercialize .ke-via PR


Proposed CCK changes to commercialize ‘.ke’ internet identity


Nairobi, 30th January 2014….Players in the telecommunications service industry are raising concerns over the manner in which the Kenyan government is  proposing to handle the Communications Authority  of Kenya (CAK), transition out of KENIC- the .ke domain manager.


The .ke domain registry has two guarantor shareholders, the industry lobby group Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) and Communications Authority of Kenya formerly CCK. While lauding the move to have the regulator step down from the board of the domain manager, there is a need to ensure a smooth institutional transition and service delivery.

The association through its Chairman Mr. Kris Senanu says the CAK should not feel that they can proceed to change the operations of the organization without due consultations. The official proposed structure is currently open for public input and consultations; a process expected to…

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