South Sudan to charge Machar and other “coup” leaders with treason

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Well, this will really help maintain the ceasefire and bring about a negotiated peace. Have Kiir and his backers learned nothing from nearly 60 years of conflict in Sudan?  Power-sharing, dropping the winner-takes-all approach and negotiations with all relevant parties are the way to peace, not “we win, you lose. You go to prison or face the chop”. KS


South Sudan ‘coup leaders’ face treason trial

South Sudan's Minister for Justice Paulino Wanawila speaks to the media during a press conference in Juba on 28 January. He answered questions on the arrest of opposition leaders who he said had tried to stage a coupTaking a tough line, South Sudan’s Minister for Justice Paulino Wanawila explains plans to try rebel leaders

Seven South Sudanese politicians face charges of treason over an alleged coup attempt in December that sparked weeks of fighting, the authorities have said.

Eleven officials were arrested at the time and the rebel side has made their release a condition of any peace deal to follow last week’s ceasefire.

Those to be tried include three people not in custody, including ex-Vice-President Riek Machar.

Seven of…

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