Ukraine: the untold story


by Brian Denny

The far-right connections of Ukraine’s pro-EU faction

Ukraine’s refusal to sign an EU association agreement, the ensuing protests and the attempt to oust the government in a failed no-confidence vote all have their origins in a grand geopolitical battle being waged between Germany and Russia.

Germany is using the European Union to bring pressure to bear to integrate Ukraine into Berlin’s political and economic sphere. However Germany’s expansion project was brought to a halt at the EU’s eastern partnership summit in Vilnius.

Only two countries, Georgia and Moldova, signed EU association agreements, while Belarus and Armenia preferred to join the Eurasian Customs Union with Russia.  Moscow had brought its own pressure to bear on Kiev, including trade sanctions and other threats in order to keep Ukraine out of Berlin’s new drive to the east.

Yet Germany has continued its efforts to break Ukraine out of the Russian…

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