Mike Huckabee and women’s uncontrolled libido, or, Uncle Sugar

The Fifth Column

The Washington Post

The GOP will have a much easier time talking to women once they realize that women can HEAR them.

“They can hear us now? Right now?”

Oh yes. And it isn’t sounding so good.

Mike Huckabee (Former Arkansas Governor, present talking head) made some remarks to the RNC Thursday that have (unfortunately for him) not gone unremarked. You don’t even need an indignation machine to get worked up about this one.

Huckabee said, in full glorious resplendent context,

“I think it’s time for Republicans to no longer accept listening to Democrats talk about a war on women. Because the fact is, the Republicans don’t have a war on women. They have a war FOR women. For them to be empowered; to be something other than victims of their gender. Women I know are outraged that Democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures…

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