Diaspora Kenyans on Holiday Advised to Bring Home Cell Phones, not Pompous Life-Styles

Kenya Stockholm Blog

I was in a conversation with a Kenyan back home and he really wanted to get some stuff to Kenyans in Diaspora but he was honest enough and told me that his writing is just too bad. I encouraged him to talk so that I could convert the conversation into an article for KSB. If he were to be able to write (he is literate and by writing, I mean representing his ideas in written form), I do think that he could have produced an article along the following lines.

In Kenya, mobile telephones have changed people’s lives dramatically. The miniaturization of the mobile phone, constantly changing programming and technology and an ever increasing population hungry for information are features that have all combined to elevate the phone into both an organizer and a centralized multimedia platform.
Apart from everyday communication, multimedia phones embedded with cameras are promoting casual photography…

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