“Epic Protest” Demo Planned at Uhuru Park’s “Freedom Corner” on February 13th

Kenya Stockholm Blog

There is no doubt that Kenyans have been patient with the otherwise insensitive and erratic leadership since independence. But in their patience, and thanks to this leadership, they have watched as the dreams of the entire nation and the aspirations of individual Kenyans at independence get shattered. Kenya is yet to conquer the three enemies so succinctly spelt out at independence as poverty, ignorance and disease.

Slightly over 50 percent of Kenyans still live below the poverty line; the health sector is on its knees – thanks to underfunding and corruption, as a result of which most Kenyans can no longer access basic healthcare; although illiteracy levels have risen over the years, education sector faces numerous challenges, including underfunding and lack of infrastructural development that has stunted the sector.

The protest will highlight the above mentioned issues and many others. It is the responsibility of every citizen to play their…

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