Genes, IQ and heritability





Palastexamen-SongDynastieby Nick Wright

Ever since the intellectual case for school selection based on intelligence quotient testing was found to be grounded in faked statistics there has been an unceasing quest to find a new theoretical basis for a school system based on differentiating children.

One of Michael Gove’s policy advisors (attack dogs), Dominic Cummings, has left the Department of Education depositing in his wake a 250 page reflection on government, politics and education* as he reportedly returned to his career in the ministerially-favoured ‘free schools’ sector.

Already the practical case for such schools – freed from curriculum requirements, the necessity to employ qualified teachers, pay agreed pay rates or appoint head teachers with teaching experience – is unravelling more speedily than the faked science that underpinned the introduction of the 11 plus.

To recap – for any ministerial aide whose Oxford degree in Ancient and Modern…

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